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                The goal of Enigma Productions is to offer local small businesses the opportunity to showcase their restaurant, café, salon, and many others, on the web.  The notion that web design is difficult, and expensive is pervasive in small businesses, and that most can’t afford them.  In this day and age it is vital to have some representation on the web in order to grow your company. 

                I have started this company to help provide my community with low cost, high impact photography and web design, so that your company grows, and thrives.

                My mission is to help you come up with a creative design that works with your business that is easy for you to set up and maintain with little effort and cost.

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    What We Offer

                We specialize in easy to create websites for your small business.  You no longer are required to invest tens of thousands of dollars to get a website that looks great and is easy to update.  With free services like WordPress.org you can easily update specials, change photos, and edit content with just a few minute tutorial.

                No mater what your company is, good quality photography is a must.  We have years of experience creating images for all different types of businesses.

                Hosting your website is also available through companies like GoDaddy.com or dreamhost.com

                We will help you with domain registration to find that perfect web address for you and guide you through the process.

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                Each clients needs vary depending on the size of the concept of the project, so naturally so would the prices.  As stated in the mission statement, the purpose of Enigma Productions is to provide low cost, high impact sites.  Most projects will range in cost between $500-$1500, depending on the size of the project. Using a real estate analogy, we'll build the house (the site), install the plumbing and electricity, and paint the walls. Ready to move in! Then you can bring in the furniture (text) and hang some paintings (images). Of course, we can help move in and also help down the line, but we want to give you the option to be able to do it yourself if you choose to do so.
               It comes down to (1) how customized the house is (Architectural Digest or pre-fab suburban?), (2) how much content (8-bedrooms or minimalist loft?) and finally and often the most time consuming, (3) how long it takes to make the rooftop Jacuzzi turn on every Thursday night at 8 PM and warm to 105 degrees . i.e. custom features and design requests. In short, the more clear our communication about design, features, and content from the outset, the more streamlined the process.

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    Contact Us

    Please contact me for a proposal, or if you have any questions I can answer.

    Michael Barber
    Enigma Productions
    Phone: 510-684-7967